30 Days, 30% OFF

30days, 30off
Hi there J-knife fans and fellow Earthlings!
What a month, right!? We can view the situation we have found ourselves in in two different ways.
We can see it as the end of the world as we know it. Or (much better), as a chance to readjust our ways, to really see what's important and who we are. We can take time for ourselves, take walks in nature, spend quality time with our loved ones (FaceTime!), experiment with new cooking recipes, finally finish that book with the bookmark forgotten on page 21 for the past several months.
We can focus on new hobbies, paint a portrait of the family dog, napping spread out on that patch of sun on the living room floor (who wouldn't want such a masterpiece on the wall above the fireplace?), we can learn a new language (Parlez-vous français?) or - you guessed it! - sharpen your collection of knives.

Tired of hearing bad news? So are we.
This is why we have a very good one for you.

For the next 30 days everything is 
30% off!
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hipping on all orders over €50/$55.
Promo lasts until April 19.

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