Sakura Engraving on the Blade [service]
Sakura Engraving on the Blade [service]
Sakura Engraving on the Blade [service]
Sakura Engraving on the Blade [service]


Sakura Engraving on the Blade [service]


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In collaboration with the skilled tattoo artist Iva (@ivatattoo), who is also a big fan of Japanese motifs, we designed a Sakura (cherry blossom) drawing (as well as the Hannya mask) that can be engraved on your knife. Simply add this engraving service to your cart together with the knife you would like to engrave.

🔪📷: The engraved knife on the product photo is ZDP-189 Gyuto Silver 210mm (8.3").

It is also possible to create your own, customized design, pretty much like a tattoo artist would make one for you. To arrange this, please contact us via email at If you already have a drawing/photo/text that you would like to engrave, please follow these instructions.

A little more about the story of Sakura:

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, is a very special symbol of Japan, its blossom a distinctive white or pale pink shade. It only blooms for a short time in the spring, so the Japanese then traditionally gather in parks and under the breathtaking treetops, enjoying and taking in their beauty. Sakura’s magnificent blossoms represent a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life, a thought introduced by Japanese Buddhism. The short life of cherry blossoms, their exquisite beauty and unique gentleness are associated with human mortality, destiny and karma, all of which Japanese accept with grace and dignity. The Sakura motif plays an important symbolic role in their lives and culture, often finding its way into Japanese art, movies, anime and manga.

Mythologically, cherry blossom is associated with the legend of blossom-princess Sakuya-hime, who illustrates the delicacy of earthly life. Her symbol is cherry blossom and for Japanese she represents an avatar of their thought and way of life. One day, Sakuya-hime was walking along the beach and saw a young god Nagini. They fell in love at first sight and wanted to celebrate their love with a wedding, so Nagini asked Sakuya’s father for her hand in marriage. Her father offered him his older daughter instead, rock-princess Iwa-Nagi, but Nagini turned him down. His heart belonged to Sakuya-hime so they got married anyway, despite her father’s opposition. The transience of human lives is supposedly a consequence of his rejection – out lives are fleeting but blooming like cherry blossoms, instead of long-lasting but hard like stone.

☝️ Please note that engraved knives are not eligible for returns since they are a customized item.


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