Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")

Sakai Takayuki

Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")


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These are not fingerprints on the blade. At least not ours. In a very metaphorical sense, they are the fingerprints a blacksmith leaves behind while making a handmade Japanese Damascus knife. They are unique to each knife, like fingerprints on each one of us are. ⁠This knife is one of a kind. 

Sakai Takayuki Damascus Sujihiki 270mm (10.6") was made in the Sakai Takayuki smithy by the blacksmith Suogo Yamatsuka and sharpener Hirotsugu Tosa. They used Ginsanko Steel no. 3 known for its incredible resistance to rust and put it through a special procedure of forging and polishing. The blade consists of 63 layers of steel forming the Damascus pattern that looks really stunning on this knife. The master craftsmen succeeded in forging and polishing the layers so that they reveal radial and linear patterns. The temper line or hamon between softer outer layers and a hard core is prominent and the blade has been polished to a high lustre finish.

Sujihiki or slicer knives are primarily intended for long pulls and precise cuts of meat and fish. The long and narrow blade is particularly useful for slicing meat or boneless fish, or for filleting and skinning fish. The long blade allows the meat or fish to be cut in a single drawing motion, from heel to tip.

The blade is thicker at the spine but narrows towards the edge of the blade, which makes it perfect for cutting meat and raw fish. The blade is sharpened to 50:50 angle ratio, the edge is extremely sharp and simple to resharpen. The traditional octagonal magnolia wood handle is protected with buffalo horn ring and its shape will comfortably fit the hands of right- and left-handed users. A special feature is also machi, the transition between the blade and the handle. The blade is engraved with the name and place of the smithy by hand in kanji.

The final look of the blade is the result of highly skilled craftsmanship and high-quality production. You don’t often come upon such a product that doubles as a piece of art. This is an extremely limited edition of knives that is aimed at collectors and the masters of sushi and preparing fish.

Sakai Takayuki:

The Sakai Takayuki cutlery is made in the town of Sakai and boasts a rich history that goes back 600 years. It is widely used and loved in traditional Japanese cuisine. Sakai Takayuki offers many different models made of various materials and all of its knives are handcrafted by renowned masters. In Japan, the title “master” or traditional artisan is approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and conferred only upon craftsmen who inherited and perfected their knowledge. 

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Blade shape: Slicer
Steel type: Ginsan (Silver III)
Hardness (HRC scale): 61-63
Overall length: 415mm (16.3")
Blade length:
270mm (10.6")
Blade height:
39mm (1.5")
Spine thickness: 3mm (0.1")
Weight: 200g (7 oz)
Handle length: 140mm (5.5")
Handle type / wood:
Japanese / Magnolia
Blacksmith: Suogo Yamatsuka / Hirotsugu Tosa for Sakai Takayuki
Made in: Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Use & Care:

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Use a sharpening stone (not a honing steel!) to sharpen your knife
  • Do not cut frozen foods and meat bones
  • Do not put the knife in a dishwasher
  • Read our comprehensive guide on proper Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

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