ZDP-189 Pre-order

Kouhei-Shinmatsu ZDP-189 line comes as the culmination of a decade’s worth of expertise gained through selling and working with knives on our part, and the knowledge and mastery of Japanese knife forging, passed on through generations within the Suncraft smithy.

Together, we designed two familiar knife shapes - reimagined with the highly coveted ZDP-189 steel and two beautiful new blade finishes.

Pre-orders* starting today!
Pre-order with 15-20% OFF  until May 8, end of day.

*By purchasing the knives in this promo you are signing up for a pre-order. The knives have already been tried and tested, and the first batch is already on the way to us from the smithy! It is expected to arrive before May 20, with shipping to customers commencing on May 23.