Weekly Promo [20-30% OFF]

What's a kitchen knife without a good cutting board? It's like a car with terrible tires. Your car will drive with any set of tires, but good tires make all the difference. They are the only touch-point between your car and the surface.

Kitchen knives deserve a quality surface to cut on. Good cutting boards are gentle to your knife's edge, making sure that the knife remains sharp for as long as the steel allows it. End-grain cutting boards are the way to go if you want a wooden cutting board in your kitchen. They are self-healing!

This week we feature SG2 Bunka Matte, one of our most popular multi-purpose knives, in a bundle with our quality End-grain cutting board. 30% off the bundle, or 20% discount if you only need a knife or a cutting board.

Promo lasts until Sunday, Sept 13 end of the day.