Benriner "Cook Help" Slicer
€ 53.00

Benriner "Cook Help" Slicer

The iconic Japanese kitchen accessories manufacturer Benriner, widely known for their Mandoline slicer, makes another very useful and awkwardly named slicing tool - Cook Help. With the "Cook Help" slicer you can easily, safely and precisely turn vegetables and fruits into long, curly garnishes.

It is a perfect tool to make food decorations and garnishes, to prepare a salad, stir fry, vegetables that go with sushi (daikon garnish), to prepare dried fruits.

Besides the main, straight blade that can be removed and sharpened, the Cook Help slicer comes with the additional three interchangeable blades: coarse (4mm), medium (2.5mm) and fine (1mm) tooth.

Our tip? Use the medium blade for zucchinis and cucumbers, the thin blade for carrot salad and stir fry, and use the straight blade for the caramelized onions for your burgers. But our best tip is to experiment on your own!

The slicer can easily be washed in a dishwasher, but for the blades we recommend that they are washed by hand.

Color: Green