Tanaka Santoku 3D 165mm (6.5")
Tanaka Santoku 3D 165mm (6.5")
Tanaka Santoku 3D 165mm (6.5")
Tanaka Santoku 3D 165mm (6.5")
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Tanaka Santoku 3D 165mm (6.5")

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Remarkable performance of kitchen knives may well be a synonym for Shigeki Tanaka. This young skilled craftsman who can boast radical design and mastery makes knives that are beloved by people all over the world. His Tanaka Santoku 3D combines traditional handmade blade and a modern, distinct handle. This light Santoku is an excellent choice for all the chefs desiring the fine sharpness of a hand-forged Japanese knife made from traditional steel. With its shape and blade length this knife will excel at all sorts of cutting and slicing tasks, coming up short only perhaps by a centimetre when cutting large pieces of meat.

The double-sided blade with a HRC of 61 is hidden under softer layers of rust-resistant material, which not only protects knife, but gives it an interesting look. At the heart of the knife is the Vg10 steel, safely dressed in 32 layers of softer steel that together form an elegant Damascus pattern.

Tanaka created this knife with the help of Kobe Design University, coming up with a refined and ergonomic birch handle which ensures a good grip.


Blade shape Santoku
Blade length
165mm (6.5")
Steel type
Handle type / wood
Japanese / Birch
Hardness (HRC scale) 61
Shigeki Tanaka


Use & Care:

  • Handwash in warm water and towel dry
  • Use a sharpening stone (not a honing steel!) to sharpen your knife
  • Do not cut frozen foods and meat bones
  • Do not put the knife in a dishwasher
  • Read our comprehensive guide on proper Maintenance of Kitchen Knives.

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