€ 48.00

Sharpening Stone - #2000/#5000

This combined whetstone is used for fine sharpening (grit #2000), while the #5000 grit is used for removing the burr, or to give the blade that final polish edge.

Taidea whetstone enables fast and efficient sharpening of Japanese and other types of knives. Before sharpening we soak the stone in water for approximately 5 minutes. The advantage of sharpening with a whetstone is that by using correct techniques we can achieve a remarkable sharpness of blade, the disadvantage, however, is that it is necessary to learn the correct techniques. It is used for general sharpening.

Whetstone includes a non-slip base stand for safer sharpening, preventing the stone from moving around.

Dimensions: 180 × 60 × 27mm