Can you handle it?

Be the creator of your own knife. Don’t leave the most important tool in the kitchen to chance.

Make sure you get exactly what you need. Think over the following:

✔️ What kind of blade shape?
Santoku, gyuto, kiritsuke, bunka, petty. Each for a particular task.

✔️ Which steel?
High carbon-, powder-, stainless steel… Aogami, shirogami, ZDP-189, SG2, HAP-40, VG-10. How meticulous are you at taking care of your knife?

✔️ What kind of blade finish?
Kuro-uchi, tsuchime, nashiji, polished. Which look says YOU?

✔️ Colorful handles. Which one to choose?
Is it important the color matches the drapes in the kitchen? Does a particular color remind you of your favorite person, memory, place? Do you want it to blend seamlessly into an existing collection of knives?

So many decisions. But you CAN HANDLE IT!