€ 48.00

Macstar Cutting Board [black]

MAC's Macstar Cutting Board is made of special, environmentally-friendly synthetic rubber and resin material, combining the best features of wooden and plastic cutting boards.

The idea of ​​making this board, developed for more than 2 years by MAC, was precisely this combination of the best properties of two materials. Cutting surface is similar to the wooden boards, while the plastic boards do not absorb water and have the flexibility and strength of rubber. Cutting surface with a hand-stamped pattern on touch feels like a wooden board, but the knife will not damage the surface during cutting as much as it damages with wooden boards.

It is an extremely lightweight board that can be washed even in a dishwasher, as it is resistant to temperatures of up to 130℃. The surface is also antibacterial (SIAA Standard).

Material: Synthetic Elastomer Resin (Styrene)
Size: 370mm x 240mm x 4mm
Weight: 330g
Resistant to temperatures up to 130℃
Colour: orange, black
Made in Fukuoka, Japan!